Postcode Lookup Software for your Desktop:

Our Desktop Postcode Lookup Software, using Internet based data, has a small footprint and can be easily installed in minutes.

To install SimplyPostcode™ Postcode Lookup Software on your network, simply download, where all users can see the program, then on other machines simply run "ClientInstall.exe".

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Quickly download and install a free 30 day evaluation copy for company use
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Demo of Postcode Lookup virtually any windows Application

   Simply Postcode: Desktop Demo of Full Address Searching
  0:00 Searching for a Postcode
  1:52 Refining the search
  1:47 Advanced search

Address finder software that works “out of the box” with many different applications, some of which are shown in the following demonstrations:

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft CRM
FrontRange Goldmine Sage ACT SalesLogix SAP Sage
IRIS Exchequer Access Accounts Pegasus QuickBooks +100's of others.

How to Purchase

When ready to purchase the postcode look up software, simply press the [Manage Account] button, to purchase a license, using SagePay Checkout.

Simple to activate Postcode Lookup Software

Simply activate by pressing, in first line of address in your favourite windows application:

Windows Key + s   or   Ctrl + F12

to return the correctly formatted address, from a Postcode or Wildcard search, into your favourite windows application without hassle.  More information on search postcode finder options.

The same software can be easily copied to Laptops and other offices, by copying the installed directory ("ZipPostcodeLookup" ), and simply running "ClientInstall.exe" on each machine required.

Please follow our download and installation instructions to get up and running in minutes

Postcode Lookup Software that works "out of the box" with common apps:

Our Postcode Look up software works out of the box with many common Microsoft, Accounts and CRM packages.  Others can easily be added.

Postcode Lookup for Microsoft Products

Postcode Lookup for Customer Management Software

Postcode Lookup for Accounts Packages:

Postcode finder for Other Software:

  • Simply Postcode Finder/Lookup has been designed to add postcode lookup to any application. Simply install and setup. see +100's of others.
  • If not on the list simple give us a call.  We can log in and setup our postcode software for you.