Postcode Software for Microsoft Access:

Data entry efficiency is increase greatly when using Postcode Software in Microsoft Access for your custom database. Up to 80% of key strokes can be reduced by using Postcode Lookup Software to help with address data entry.

The Microsoft Access user simply moves to the first line of the address, and then activates the postcode address search software from the first line of the address, in Microsoft Access address fields.

The data entry user can search for address by Postcode, or partial address, to return the full address information automatically back to the Access database address fields. Thus reducing addressing errors and reducing the costs due to shipping errors.

The video below shows our Postcode Finder/Lookup Software being used with a Microsoft Access Databases.

How to use Postcode Finder Software for Microsoft Access Database:

To use Postcode Finder/Lookup Software with Microsoft Access Database Software.

  Simply activate by pressing keys:


to activate the lookup software.

Enter partial address words or postcode on our Postcode Software. infromation on search options

Select address from the list of addresses found

The Postcode Finder Software will then enter the selected address into your Microsoft Access Database fields.


Postcode Finder Software for Microsoft Access:

Postcode finder software download and instructions are here to get you up and running in minutes

Postcode Finder software works "out of the box" with Microsoft Access Database Software. Although if it does it may need a slight tweak.  We can log in and setup the postcode finder software for you, or follow these simple steps.

Postcode Finder Software for Microsoft Access by programming:

Although our Postcode Address Finder Desktop Software can easily be made to work with Microsoft Access and work very well the integration can be taken one step further depending on the skills available.

Using our Postcode Software COM Object, Postcode Address Finder Software, can be used to quickly add postcode finder functionality, actually within in a Microsoft Access bespoke application. Although having said that, the Postcode Address Finder Desktop Software has the advantage of working with many other common applications, such as Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft CRM and other Financial packages.

Indeed as part of our example code we have a Microsoft Access example which has Full address lookup demonstrated in it. Simply open this example to demonstrate Postcode Address Finder Software in Microsoft Access bespoke application. You can simply copy the code into your own Microsoft Access bespoke application to quickly implement demonstrate Postcode Address Finder Software.  More information on our Postcode Software COM Object

Example code for Microsoft Access

The example code, for Microsoft Access, is in "COM Object\MS Access 2000 onwards" directory of the example downloads.  Please install the COM Object before use by running InstallSimplyPostcodeCOM.EXE which is in the root of the examples.   Download example code

The Microsoft Access example demonstrates how to access to get a Map, Full/Thoroughfare and PostZon address data via our COM Postcode Finder Object, given a Postcode to search for.

Postcode Address Finder with Microsoft Access

The screen shot above shows searching for full address, given a postcode, using our Postcode Address finder in Microsoft Access.

Postcode Lookup Software Full Address - Example Code 

Simply download the example code and create a trial account from the link at top right of this page.  You will be sent a data key for use with the example for use in the Microsoft Access adressing example.

The code Microsoft Access is in "COM Object/MS Access 2000 onwards" directory of our example downloads.

You must run InstallSimplyPostcodeCOM.EXE included in the above download.

Desktop Postcode Finder Software Demonstration with common applications:

Our postcode software works “out of the box” with many different applications, some of which are shown in the following demonstrations:

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Microsoft CRM

Sage ACT


IRIS Exchequer

Access Accounts




FrontRange Goldmine



and 100's of others apps..