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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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  Nearest Store/Service Locator for any use

Our "Nearest Store/Service" locator is either implemented on your server (Option 1), or using our web server (Option 2)



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Option 1 Each Web query will require, PostZon Web Pack:

If you implement the nearest store functionality yourself then you only need purchase “PostZon” credits at the following price:

  • £75 per 2,500 Postcode Look Up Credits Pack
  • £125 per 5,000 Postcode Look Up Credits Pack
  • £250 per 12,500 Postcode Look Up Credits Pack
  • £400 per 25,000 Postcode Look Up Credits Pack

Lookup Credits Packs last 12 months and cannot be shared with "Internal Use" Packs

Option 2 "Store Location Packs"

Option 2 of our nearest store functionality uses a template which is simply added to your web site. You load your store list onto our server. We charge an additional service charge for this service:

  • £295 per year, first 1,000 stores
  • £65 per year, each 1,000 stores thereafter
  • £500 per year, each 10,000 stores thereafter

The above service charge includes 2,500 lookup credits

  Also: Because of the complexity of this type of integration, we charge 2 hours consultancy to help you add the nearest store functionality in your web site, and train on uploading the data.

  • Support and development will be charged at £75 per hour