Royal Mail Launch Delivery to Neighbour:

17-Oct-2012 SimplyPostcode™

Do you ever find it annoying when you have ordered something online or from a catalogue and then miss the delivery of it when you can’t be at home to catch the postman or postwoman?

Convenience is one of the top reasons contributing to the massive increase in online shopping. In reality, when you arrive home from a tiring day at work and find that your parcel has been taken back to the post office, it all becomes a little inconvenient.

Royal Mail have recognised how frustrating this can be when trying to deliver parcels when we are out. They have been testing leaving items with neighbours to save us the trouble of arranging a re-delivery or collecting the parcel from the local delivery office. This would only apply to items that are too big for your letterbox.

They found that 92% of people were satisfied with having their items left with a neighbour rather than returned to the delivery office. Hence from September (subject to Ofcom regulatory approval) if you are not in then Royal Mail will leave your item with a neighbour whenever possible and put a card through your door to tell you where you can pick up your parcel.

Obviously, this could mean that you are asked to accept items on behalf of your neighbours to return the favour.

The trial began on 28 November 2011 and is due to end on 26 November 2012 or whenever the Royal Mail roll it out nationally, pending a positive decision from Ofcom.

Special Delivery™ and items sent from abroad that requires a signature are excluded from Delivery to Neighbour and will simply be taken back to the delivery office as normal.

If you don’t want to your parcels left with neighbours or you don’t want to be bothered with your neighbours parcels then you can opt out by registering online or calling Royal Mail. They will send you a sticker to display near your letter box informing your postman that you don’t want to be involved.

So next time you are out and about when items that don’t fit through your letter box arrive they could be left with a neighbour where you can conveniently collect them on your return.

Whilst this only applies to deliveries via Royal Mail, it should help businesses that use their services to get items delivered quickly and securely to the recipient. Another way to ensure customers get a better shopping experience, is using a Postcode Look Up Software which can fill the right full Address details into your favourite Microsoft product, CRM system or Accounts application. Website Postcode Finder Software may also be added to your own website.