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15-Feb-2012 SimplyPostcode™

BBC Daytime commissioned a new investigative TV series looking at how where we live can affect our daily lives.

The new TV show entitled Postcode Lottery looked at the importance of location when planning our future in everything from our health to our careers. The show is fronted by journalist Dom Littlewood, who followed both the winners and losers of the ‘postcode lottery’ around the UK.

As well as the big subjects such as life-enhancing medication that is made available to some and not others, to the more everyday issues of transportation and rubbish collection, this new series aims to uncover how often our lives are affected by where we live and our postcodes.

In the first of this series which aired at the beginning of March, Dom told the heartbreaking story of Mark Bannister, a young ex soldier who has a brain tumour and needed the drug Avastin.  Unfortunately his postcode meant that he was 15 miles away from getting this life extending drug from NHS Yorkshire & Humber Cancer Drugs Fund.   Thankfully, Mark is now receiving this drug by using a friend’s postcode who lives in the right area!

By living just a few streets from your neighbours this show demonstrates how you can receive a very different standard of service from all sorts of providers.  Dominic Littlewood also told viewers of the show how they can make this lottery a little fairer, simply by knowing their rights. 

Other topics covered included the pothole lottery, the real truth about the speed camera postcode lottery and the adoption postcode lottery.  If you missed the ‘Postcode Lottery’ show you can catch up at BBC iPlayer and see all five programmes in this new series.  Those few letters and numbers at the end of your address can suddenly appear so very important, and as we have heard in some cases can literally be life and death. 

Your postcode can affect every part of your life, from insuring your car to where you can send your children to school.  Unfortunately, apart from physically moving your house to a different location (not a simple option!), we can’t do much about where we live and our postcode.  Often we are not even aware of what is affected by our postcodes until we need something such as medical treatments.  There is one thing we can all do which is to keep fighting these unfair decisions made simply by where we live, so those in higher places might just start to get the message.