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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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  "Nearest Store" Locator Software:

The nearest store locator software for a web site, utilises the geographical data, to provide your customers a means of finding their nearest store/service, given their home postcode.

Option 1

Use “PostZon Data” to implement your own nearest store locator software.  Using the Longitude and Latitude, that PostZon Geographical data data returns for given postcode.  

Use "Quote Me" link at top right of page, and ask for a quote for "PostZon Data".   This will send you the prices and also a document with instruction on how to implement your own "nearest store locator software", using our PostZon data.

Option 2

Use a simple web template, which when added to your web site, provides the nearest store locator software. The list of stores are uploaded to our server using a simple Excel template. Since our server is used to store and process the store list, we charge extra in addition to the “PostZon Data”.

Option 1

You implement “Nearest Store/Service” on your own web server, using our PostZon Data.
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Option 2

We host the service on our servers.
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Option 2 Demo

"Use our Nearest Store... see it in action
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Features of Store Locator Software functionality:

The features depend on how you wish to implement the store locator software for a web site. You have two options list below:

Option 1, you use our "PostZon" Geographical Data and process your own results

  • Total control of results and functionality
  • Maintain your own database
  • Best for large number of addresses which are dynamic
  • Uses our Geocoding API's to convert Postcode to Longitude and Latitude

Option 2, we host your data and process the list

  • Simple to update your store locator software database using Excel template
  • Quick to add to your web site using simple templates
  • Google map integration
  • Different Map pins for different types of store
  • Filter Stores/Services by type/attributes
  • SOAP API to update your store locator software database
  • Best for store locator software database which is relatively static

Option 1 - You use our "PostZon" Geographical Data and process your own results

Step 1 add fields to your database

This option uses your table of Stores/Service. All store records in your database should have been populated with Longitude and Latitude on record creation.

Add required fields in your own database:

Postcode Field

  • Make sure your database has Postcode in separate field. Add two extra fields to your database for Longitude and Latitude (Double to 6dp)

Field for Longitude and Latitude

  • Index these fields for fast searching. Write a routine to go through your database and populate all locations, in your database, with Longitude and Latitude.
  • This only needs doing once. For each new entry, added to your database, populate the Longitude and Latitude, similar to step 3, using our PostZon Database.

Step 2 Implement process to calculate nearest location list

Now we need to calculate the list to display in response to a customers query

Get Input

Allow user to input target postcode. Call our server to get for Longitude and Latitude, for target postcode, using our PostZon Database. 

Query your database

Create an SQL query, for Longitude and Latitude, add +/-0.0091 for every km you want your nearest list to cover. We later filter out the unnecessary entries.

The resulting record set should now give you a list of nearest locations, in a square box, within x km’s. For each of these records calculate the distance between, the records Longitude and Latitude and the target Longitude and Latitude, and put in a sortable list.

If not enough records, then widen the WithInKm range

Step 3 Sort the results into Nearest Store/Service List

Sort the list by distance, filter out any over the desired WithInKm and display.

How to convert Postcode To Longitude and Latitude

The Geocoding page covers how to convert a Postcode to Longitude and Latitude using various API’s we provide.

Example code for PostZon data (get Longitude and Latitude from Postcode) using PHP, asp, vb and .NET is included in our example code.   Download here

Detailed "Nearest Store" Instructions

Click on "Quote Me" link at top right of this page, and ask for a quote for "PostZon Data".   This will send you the prices and also a document with instruction on how to implement your own "nearest store locator", using our PostZon data to convert Postcode to Longitude and Latitude.

Option 2 - we host data and process the Nearest Store list

Using this option you load the list of stores into our database, and then make a simple request for nearest Stores/Services to a given Postcode. The call returns your Store/Service data, merged with your template, to format the output into HTML which can be directly written to a web page. You have total control over the appearance of your page. 

The 7 Steps:

7 steps to create a "store locator" software on your web site
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Please follow the 7 Steps to implement Nearest Store Locator.

A more advanced call is available to return a Google map with map pins, which when clicked on can display data from your templates in up to four tabs. The pins can also have different Icons to allow you to display other points of interest, other than your stores.

The Map or Nearest list can be retrieved by an SOAP or HTTP call

The example downloads include a PHP and .NET 2005+ web page to return a simple page with map and nearest list.

Demonstration Video

   Simply Postcode: Nearest Store: Opt 2 : using our database
  0:00 Advantages - we do all the work
  1:20 Example 1 - Simple list and how it works
  3:30 Example 2 - With a map with click pins
  5:30 Example 3 - With click Tabbed Info
  6:30 Example 4 - ABC Pins
  7:50 Example 5 - Other pin types
  8:10 Example 6 - Stores by area

video  Demonstration of store locator software Option 2

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