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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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Free Postcode Finder icon  UK Free Postcode Finder:

The free postcode finder below search the Royal Mail UK address data file (PAF data) for free:

Address Finder Button Copy Address
You are restricted to 5 free postcode finder lookups per day. You have 5 more searches allowed

Desktop Postcode Lookup Software icon
Postcode Finder - Desktop

The desktop postcode finder, using daily updated address data can be easily installed in minutes. It is similar to the above free postcode finder but pastes the address into windows applications. Installation only takes minutes with free 30 day trial.
Postcode Lookup for Web Site icon
Postcode Finder - Web Site

Address search can easily be added to your Web site or Web Application. To provide address search within your web checkout, or sign up page, using example templates provided, which helps reduce abandonment.

Queries about UK Free Postcode Finder Data:

This is a free postcode finder service. If you want to correct any information returned, please call the Royal Mail Address helpline on 0845 7111 222, or if it is your own address that needs correcting then inform your postman.

We provide a Postcode Finder for Commercial use:

Our data server provides the latest UK Royal Mail data, based on the Royal Mail PAF data file, which is updated daily. We also offer this for commercial use:

Postcode Address Finder for your Windows desktop

Our Desktop Postcode Finder Software, can be easily installed in minutes. Providing a Postcode Finder within many common windows applications. It can be easily customised for others windows applications, to speed up Address data entry and reduce errors.  more about Desktop Postcode Finder

Postcode Address Finder for your Web Site

The above Postcode Finder popup can easily be added to your Web site or Web Application. To provide up to date postal address, using Royal Mail data, within your web checkout, or sign up page, etc. Simply follow the integration instructions using the example templates provided.  more about Web Postcode Finder


Who uses our Commercial Service?

Our Commercial Postcode Finder Software is used by many household names such as ASDA, Homebase, Amnesty International, Ancestry.com, Jack Wills Ltd, National Windscreens, Samaritans on their public web site or within their office. 

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