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Single Click UltraVNC Software for remote support manual

An idiots guide to setting up a remote support software using UltraVNC SCI and SCIII

Here is the scenario.

  1. You have customers who you want to support we use it for our Postcode Software
  2. You send out software which you want to support
  3. You want to be able to upgrade customer software remotely
  4. You have an office from which you want to provide the support from, for multiple support personnel

Well, there are many offerings on the market, which cost $150 to $1000's per year. 

UltraVNC have two great offerings, known as "Single Click", to solve the above support requirement.   It is called Single Click because it allows you to create a small executable package ("Support.exe"), which your customer simply downloads and runs, to give you control if their PC only when they allow you access.  

Two versions of Single Click UltraVNC are currently available:

  Option 1 : Single Click UltraVNC

This connects a Customer PC to a Support Computer within your company (LAN).

Requires you to have:

  • static IP Address on the internet, although you can get around this using http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php

  • IP ports forwarded to each PC you are going to use to offer the Support.  More Info
  • Separate IP Port for each Support PC you want to use UltraVNC

  How to Create an UltraVNC Single Click Support Program


  • Free
  • Customisable
  • Simple
  • Very reliable
  • Your support PC can control multiple PC's on the customer side
  • Allows file transfer


  • Support only windows OS
  • Requires a common IP Port for each Support PC in your Office


  Option 2 : Single Click UltraVNC III Software

UltraVNC Single Click III connects a Customer PC to a Support Computer within your company (LAN), but goes through a bridge (a designated PC on your LAN).   This only requires one IP Port can be forwarded to this bridge.   Once the Customer has initiated the connection, by running your support program, your support personnel then request the connection from the bridge to offer the support service.  This version has the advantage that only one port is used, by default 443, which is usually allow most firewalls.

Requires you to have:

The UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) has been available for some years in various forms, but it can be complicated to setup.   The article below offers a simple guide to setting up the UltraVNC Single Click III.   


  How to Create an UltraVNC Single Click III Support Program

Additional information was found at the UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) forum http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewforum.php?f=23


  • Free
  • Customisable
  • Simple
  • Very reliable
  • Allows file transfer
  • As many Support PC's at your Office as you want


  • Support only windows OS
  • Only allows one support session on your support PC at one time


Please submit any comments/feedback to http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewtopic.php?t=9529 which I will include if relevant.


  Option 1 : Creating an UltraVNC SC (Single Click) Support Program

First, you need to create a Support program using the VNC Single click generator!

Download custom.zip

Which contains:

SingleClick UltraVNC

Simply edit the "helpdesk.txt" file, to add your support computers to the list which the customer will presented when they run your support program.

UltraVnc SC

Support Desk 1
-connect -noregistry

Support Desk 2
-connect -noregistry

Dubble Click to make a connection


  The static IP addresses can be dynamic using http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php

Each [HOST] section defines one of your computers, which you have designated to receive the support session.

So, in the above example we are assuming that your static IP address is, and that you have forwarded IP port 443 to support desk 1 and 80 to support desk 2.   

Note that the use of these two ports will stop you hosting any Web sites from your IP Address, you can select other common ports like 20,21,110, etc.   We suggest common ports so you customers firewalls are more likly to allow the communication to you static IP address.

The "helpdesk.txt" file, allows many other visual aspects of the support program to be customised.   More info at http://www.pchelpware.com/sc/index.html

The Background can be changed by changing the Background.bmp, and the icons by changing icon1.ico and icon2.ico.

Once you have customised the files, zip them up and then go to http://www.pchelpware.com/sc/index.html

Next upload them:

Username: foo   Password: foobar

The screen will then change:

Download UltraVNC files

Click on the link and save on your hardisk.   We suggest the name "Support.exe", but you can call it anything.   Then when a customer runs this file, they can select one of your support PC's to connect too.

  Making a Client Listen for UltraVNC Single Click III connections

On your Support PC, you must have a VNC Viewer running in "Listen" mode.   The UltraVNC package can be downloaded from http://www.uvnc.com/

To put a PC in the listen mode, simply drag the "UltraVNC >> UltraVNC Viewer >> Run UltraVNC Viewer (Listen Mode)" icon to your desktop.  Then right click and select its properties, and edit to run:

VNCviewer.exe -listen 443

An Icon will appear in your system tray, while it is listening.  When an customer connects a pop-up will ask you if you want to allow the connection.   Select Yes to give you access to your customers PC.


  Option 2 : Creating UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) Support Program

First, you need to create a Support program using the VNC Single click III generator!

Download the files on http://www.pchelpware.com/sc/index.html, marked ALL SC III (repeater + test files)

UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) files

Make a folder and put the files on the link into it and copy the winvnc.exe file from the above download into the directory to give:

my UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) files for upload

I have changed the icon1.ico and icon2.ico to my own icons, so the "UltraVNC SC (Single Click)" program will have these icons, when compiled.

Now customize the "Helpdesk.txt" files, as described in page http://www.pchelpware.com/sc/index.html

I changed the start to:

Simply Support Application (supplied by Comtek Accounts Ltd)

Simply Support Desk 1
-id 1 -sslproxy -connect -noregistry
# ip
#SSL -> :443 needed
Simply Support Desk 2
-id 2 -sslproxy -connect -noregistry
# ip
#SSL -> :443 needed

  The static IP addresses can be dynamic using http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php

Where represents you static IP address at the office, of course you have have other offices listed too.  The "-id 2" identifies each support desk within your organization, and will be used by your support personnel to pick up the support session.

I could not understand what the:

# ip
#SSL -> :443 needed

means, but I did not need to change this!!! and it worked!!!


I guess the #SSL -> :443 needed will allow you to change the post the bridge is using

I also guess the # ip is a repeater hosted by the VNC team

Any ideas, submit to http://forum.ultravnc.info/viewtopic.php?t=9529 which I will include if relevant.


Also note:

Simply Support Desk 21 (443)
-connect -noregistry

Allows the support program to contact a VNC viewer running in Listen mode, without the repeater.  SCI mode, see Option 1 above.


  Compiling the support program into a UltraVNC SCIII (Single Click) program

So we should now have the files in one directory, so simply zip them up into a file.

  1. Then goto UltraVNC Single Click generator page http://www.pchelpware.com/sc/index.html
  2. Upload the zip file to the page, using the bottom upload section

UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) generator upload

  1. enter "foo" and "foobar" as the password
  2. Press [upload], when compiled this takes you to:

UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) generator

Now click on the file to download your support program.   Note the name will be the same as the file we uploaded, but an .exe file.

You can now rename this file and you have your UltraVNC Single Click remote support program!!!

  Making the SCIII Repeater work

Forward Port 443 to the PC which is going to run the repeater.

Then load the following files to a directory, on the PC.   It produced error if not on local PC for me!

Note the "Settings" file is only created when setting saved.

Note run "repeater_SSL.exe" on PC.

Should now see in the system tray

Make sure you have nothing else using the port 443 else you will see:

Nice message, I'm sure you may see this very informative message for a variety of other reasons too!

Right clicking on icon in system tray should show the SCIII settings:

UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) repeater

I used the above UltraVNC Repeater settings.

Having closed the Settings, double clicking on the icon will show the UltraVNC SCIII Repeater status:

UltraVNC SCIII Repeater status

Note from the above screen shot the repeater is listening on port 443.  But all VNC communication with the repeater happens on the standard VNC ports (1901 and 5500)

  Making a Client Listen for UltraVNC Single Click III connections

So now when a customer runs UltraVNC SC Single Click Client, they get:

Note I added the support icon etc

They then select the Support desk, which matches the ID we gave them in the Helpdesk file.  Having double clicked on the relevant support desk then the "UltraVNC Single Click" client at the customers end will appear in the system tray, using the icons "icon1.ico" and "icon2.ico" when connected.  It will then wait up to 5 mins for the repeater to connect to a "VNC Vierwer"

To make connection, the listener should be opened run on the support desk, start the "vncviewer_ssl.exe" using:

vncviewer_ssl.exe /proxy /listen

where is the IP of the Repeater on your network

this should now show as

UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) viewer in sys tray

Double clicking on the UltraVNC SC (Single Click SCIII) viewer icon gives window

Now we need to enter the "ID:1" or the appropriate number which corresponds to the ID's you put in the "Helpdesk.txt" file.

When you press the [Connect] button, you should now have control of the customers PC.

We ship this support software as part of our windows desktop postcode address finder software. With a simple menu option to run and thus connect to support.