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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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SimplyPostcode™ Software:

Our Postcode Software speeds up address data entry by reducing key presses needed to enter an address and thus reduces data entry errors by your staff or customers on your web site.

Postcode Finder Software for your web site can easily be added to your web site using simple line of HTML code, or Postcode Software utilising the latest AJAX technology. The AJAX Address Finder implementation has little impact on you web site page design, which is ideal for your web site checkout or signup page. SimplyPostcode™ will improve your web sites customer experience and reduce checkout abandonment. Includes free example code and 30 day trial for evaluation.

Postcode Lookup Software for your desktop can also be used within a company, to improve the accuracy and speed of backend systems. It works out of the box with your favourite Microsoft product, CRM system or Accounts application plus many others.

Postcode Finder API allows a programmer to have total control of implementation. We have many programming interfaces, allowing the implementation of Postcode Software into any software, on any platform, both connect to internet and disconnect to internet.

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We provide Postcode Software for your:

Desktop Postcode Lookup Software icon

Postcode Software - Desktop

Our desktop address finder software, integrates within many common windows applications out of the box. The data is Internet based, so you know it is always up to date, and easy to install with 30 days free trial.
Postcode Finder for Web Site icon

Postcode Software - Web Site

Easily added Address Lookup to your web checkout, or sign up page, using example templates we provided to reduce web page abandonment. Several different options available, with 30 day free trial.
Address Finder API icon

Postcode Lookup - API

We offer an extensive range of programming interfaces to retrieve PAF postcode address data, for use in your desktop/web. Including local data version, ideal for till solutions, for sites with no Internet connection. Many examples in different programming languages.
Postcode Software Search Options icon

Postcode Search Options

Our web/desktop postcode software, and API’s offer postcode to address, and partial address to postcode searching. Returning the latest Royal Mail Addresses from PAF.
Nearest Store Locator Software icon

Nearest Store Locator

Use our complete Nearest Store Location solution, to provide Nearest Store locator for your customers. Simply provide the store data on a spread sheet template to upload your list of stores. Then use a simple web template to integrate into your web site.
PostZon Geographic Data icon

Geographic Data

more about Geographic Data
Geographical data is available through our programming interfaces, primarily used to convert Postcode to OS Ref, or Longitude/Latitude. These interfaces also contain functions for working out the distance between two postcodes.
What Our Customers Say icon

What Our Customers Say

SimplyPostcode™ have been serving many satisfied customers form large corporate organisations to medium/small businesses for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional support.
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Request Pricing and Brochure

Request an instant quote and more details about our Postcode Software sent to you via e-mail.

Excellent Customer Retention

Our customer retention is in excess of 98% due to the free support, quick integration and excelient reliable service we provide.

“An outstandingly good address finder product and service. Extremely easy to implement and integrate, it's given a big boost to conversions on our website. The price is extremely competitive - possibly the best postcode software tool on the market today.” Rating would be 5 out of 5.  Clifford James   

"We have used SimplyPostcode™ software, both Full Address and Street Level, on various white-label events systems for the past 5 years. Our developers have found the address finder very easy to integrate and implement into our web pages. The service SimplyPostcode™ offer has been faultless and the level of customer service is excellent. If you need a 5 star rating, it has to be 5 out of 5".  Dominic Mills - SeeTickets.com

Our postcode software prestigious users include Ancestry.com, Jack Wills Ltd, ASDA, Homebase, Amnesty International, National Windscreens, Samaritans and many many more

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Why use SimplyPostcode™?

Manual address data entry can take up a considerable amount of time within any office environment, and inevitably results in errors which need to be later corrected at a considerable cost. One guaranteed way of overcoming this issue when it comes to customer information is to incorporate the use of the latest address finder software, especially one that is updated daily.

In doing so, the one simple question ‘What’s your postcode?’ can be asked without the need to expand. Being able to use a customer’s postcode to obtain their necessary address data will reduce call lengths and dramatically improve data accuracy.

Return on Investment

Address Finder Software can reduce typing time up to 80% meaning that staff will be able to promptly complete customer address information, consequently boosting their efficiency.

RIO - Address Finder Software for Company Use

In a scenario where you have 10 staff members typing 100 addresses per day, using postcode finder software could end up saving 680 hours of typing per year – or 85 working days.

This is based on the average typing speed of 40 words per minute, 42 characters in a standard postal address which typically takes 13 seconds to type.

RIO - Address Finder Software for your Web Site

Recent figures from ‘Marketing Sherpa’ indicate that 27% of website visitors abandon the checkout process as a result of ‘not having enough time to complete the process’.

However, by integrating address finder software as part of your online services, these speedy shoppers need only fill in their postcode and the job’s done.  Thus less customers abandon their checkout .

Consequences of inaccurate address data

A survey conducted in 2009 by the Interactive Media in Retail Group has revealed that inaccurate address entry, specifically via missing postcodes, costs the E-retail industry approximately £146 million every year. The survey mostly looked at the impact of address accuracy and data management, the costs of late, attempted and failed delivery combined with the environmental cost and impact. Two thirds of those involved in this survey have reported a reduction of items lost in the post after introducing address finder software..

Until recently, the average cost of failed deliveries, from £4.25 for each late delivery to £91.34 for the loss of an individual customer, was previously overlooked by businesses prior to the implementation of address capture technology. However, more than 70% of respondents involved in this survey have agreed that address auto-fill technology reduced incidents relating to shopping cart abandonments. This in turn improved conversion rates by 9%. 67% of all the participants agreed that address finder technology brought them a significant return on their investment.

The Answer : SimplyPostcode™ for your Web Site

Our Postcode Software templates cover most common web technologies which can be added to your web site in less than an hour to provide postal address lookup within your web checkout/signup page. Find out more about web site postcode finder software for your website.

The Answer : SimplyPostcode™ for your Desktop

Our Postcode Software powered by the Royal Mail will return the customer/client’s full address from postcode, or postcode from partial address. The our desktop software only takes a few minutes to install, with a 30 day free trail, working out of the box with many common CRM, MS Office and accounting applications.

Simply download our desktop postcode software, or give us a call to book in a session, to setup with your favourite windows application. Find out more about desktop postcode lookup software